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Unusual Conditions Bring Snow to Santa Barbara – The Click

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) – Road blockages, closures, and flash flood warnings didn’t stop Santa Barbara County residents and others from enjoying their shot at the snow- a rare sight for us Southern Californians. On Saturday, a brief break in the persisting rain from the week before revealed snow-covered mountains above Santa Barbara County.


The H3 Podcast’s AB Ayad Is All Set for His Second Boxing Match – The Click

(LOS ANGELES) – Tensions are high, and the anticipation is palpable as AB Ayad, known as Starkilla, of the acclaimed prepares to enter the ring despite previously promising to never fight again. Whether a fan of the sport or merely a curious spectator, boxing remains a favored event, more recently extending arms to content creators, YouTubers, and social media stars alike through celebrity boxing events.

Interview: Love From The H3 Podcast – The Click

(Los Angeles) – Sweden native Love Bot from The H3 Podcast is perfectly attuned to his unconventional routine. Despite his workplace being over five thousand miles away in Sunny Los Angeles, Love works harmoniously with his co-workers.

The Queen Mary, A Historic Landmark Barely Holds On – The Click

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) – Docked in the port of Long Beach, the historic RMS Queen Mary floats like a ghost on the Pacific Ocean. The extra large vessel that stood there for 55 years requires many immediate repairs that are expected to cost up to $500 million dollars – a cost that experts say is a sign that the ship’s days are numbered.

5 Questions With XCredit Founder Nischay Madappa

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) – In a world where it seems like we have conjured every invention or idea, it’s hard to imagine that we haven’t even scratched the surface. For 22-year-old Nischay Madappa, the flow of ideas seems to never yield. Madappa recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, majoring in film production and finance.

Los Angeles County Supports Aid For People Seeking Abortions And Healthcare Services – The Click

(LOS ANGELES, Calif. ) The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Sept. 13 to support a pilot project providing aid for those who live outside of California and are seeking an abortion and other healthcare services. The project was created on the heels of the U.S.

Heated Georgia Senate Race Ends in a Runoff – The Click

(LOS ANGELES) – The Georgia race for U.S. Senate, which became one of the most heated and widely followed during the 2022 campaign season, has ended in a runoff as neither Republican Herschel Walker nor incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock attained the 50% of the total votes required by state law.

Shareholder Sues Netflix For Misleading Information

(LOS ANGELES, C.A.) – A Netflix shareholder filed a lawsuit in September against the company claiming it violated their shareholder and company relationship as well as broke federal security laws. Mindy Lehmann, alleges in court in a lawsuit that Netflix’s board of directors blamed subscriber decline on the pandemic instead of providing factual information to the public and company shareholders on their evident company struggles.

Flaunt Magazine


In the absence of light, the night sky reveals the illuminating and colorful cosmos. Strung across a black canvas, the stars create a decadent shimmer able to draw in even the most stubborn eye. Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Spring/Summer 2023 Womenswear draws from that perfectly clear night sky revealing the endless ways we interpret the universe.


From running on the streets of Granada Spain, nonchalantly dancing in a secluded club, and sunbathing by the pool, La Femme’s new single and music video “No Pasa Nada” is the epitome of cool. Rarely do we see a unique showstopping group like La Femme that garners the ability to combine unconventional sounds that just work.


Finding oneself is an altering journey accompanied by streams of trials and tribulations. The journey to self-growth never yields-it persists whether we want it to or not. Los Angeles artist Sarah Grace White reaches for self-ownership and encapsulates this theme-reaching for something-yearning for more while weaving through the thin boundary of space.


Colorblind-the inability to distinguish between red and green. Our relationships can alienate our natural human instincts-making us somewhat blind to obvious alarms. From an outward perspective, these clear caveats may be obvious. But for the person inside the relationship, red and green flags blend into one color-creating a inescapable blur.


The various intensities of light fluctuate throughout the day-the phases of light break up our experiences to signal the time thus reminding us of our responsibilities and deadlines. But, light also alters our understanding of different spaces-the way we view various objects in a room.


There’s nothing more satisfying than music that sets your body free into uncontrollable movement. Musical artist Leven Kali perfectly executes this fantasy. Kali graced Los Angeles for the first show of his tour last night. His performance at the iconic The Roxy followed the debut of his EP LET IT RAIN.


The iconic Adidas Originals and the timeless Sporty and Rich have teamed up to create an iconic time capsule-a collection inspired by wellness and self-care. Adidas x Sporty & Rich will launch on November 22nd with all-gender-inclusive sizing. This is the first-ever collection between the brands.


Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, celebrated their Make the Moment Holiday 2022 campaign-presented at The Hollywood Athletic Club in Los Angeles. Actor Tessa Thomson hosted the event with music by DJ Hart Denton and food by MaryBeth Boiler. The event revealed the 2022 Christmas Book and fantasy gift offerings.


Fashion Fashion The reliable cat-eye, a pop of color, and larger-than-life frames are at the forefront of Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. The star of this collection are angled sunglasses resembling the signature cat-eye look-modeled as both sunglasses and eyeglasses.


Nodding at the everlasting beauty of the natural world through fluctuating black-and-white and colored shots, Celine’s Summer 2023 collection “Saint Tropez” displays effortless and chic looks on nature’s backdrop. Focusing on perfecting the laid-back look, the collection is presented through the lens of the ultimate indie cool girl.

Jakke | Releases ‘How do You Love’ EP – Flaunt Magazine

Jake Goble (Jakke), is an alternative rock artist quickly making a name for himself. In 2018, Goble’s genesis Indie-pop rock projectearned him recognition as an artist. Goble spent time tapping into his inner self and worked to establish himself as an artist with a unique sound-now, easily recognizable.

CHXRRY22 | Defines ‘The Other Side’ in Debut EP – Flaunt Magazine

After the release of her debut single “The Falls,” R&B artist Chxrry shares her debut EP today-. ” The Other Side is about coming to terms with duality-we all have two sides,” says Chxrry22. “We can be both the villain and the victim in some story and this is me owning that.”

Adidas x SUPERFLY | Adilicious Campaign – Flaunt Magazine

Adidas Originals’ new Adilicious campaign pulls from the nostalgic elements of the 70s and 80s with the iconic restaurant SUPERFLY as one of the 11 restaurant collaborations. The House Collective’s The Opposite House by Swire hotels in Beijing, reimagines the campaign-also bringing back the iconic limited edition run of 880 pairs.

Hollywood Hotspot Bar Lis Celebrates Rooftop Lounge’s One-year Anniversary – Flaunt Magazine

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, Bar Lis threw an invite-only bash on September 14th. Models, musicians, and creatives enjoyed a three-course dinner at Chef Lincoln Carson’s Mes Amis . At the chic Côte d’Azur-inspired bar , guests were greeted with champagne and partied the night away with D

Celine | Presley Gerber For Haute Parfumerie Collection, ‘Eau De Californie’ – Flaunt Magazine

Presley Gerber is featured in the new Celine Haute Parfumerie Collection- Eau De Californie. Incorporating the memory of Palo Santo highlighting notes of woods and smoky and creamy facets. Undertones include powdery notes of Orris and Tree Moss. Director Hedi Slimane pays tribute to California-his home for over ten years.

AMI | Spring-Summer 2023 in Seoul – Flaunt Magazine

AMIs’ womenswear and menswear collection debuted on October 11th at 7 pm in Seoul. Founder and creative director Alexandre Mattiussi infused themes of Parisian fashion and culture with the relaxed lifestyle of Seoul. The show presented looks for the spring-summer 2023 collection at Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square.

Chloé Spring | Summer 2023 – Flaunt Magazine

Global Warming appears to be a prevalent theme this fashion season. Drawing Chloé’s Autumn\Winter 2023 collection which focused on rewinding, Chloé’s Spring Summer 2023 collection is all about fusion energy. Creative director Gabriela Hearst discusses fusion-the recreation of the reaction that occurs in all stars-as a potential clean energy source that “Lights up our universe.”

Saint Laurent | Women’s Summer 23 by Anthony Vaccarello – Flaunt Magazine

Designer Anthony Vaccarello defines the Saint Laurent Women’s Summer 2023 collection through radical fluidity. Floor-length dresses and masculine outerwear through muted colors create a defined silhouette. “A sheer tank dress, cashmere pants, and pajama-inspired satin looks exemplify the sophisticated effortlessness that runs through the collection, juxtaposed to potent effect with sculptural wood and gold jewelry,” says Vaccarello.

Balmain Festival v03 | Spring Summer 2023 – Flaunt Magazine

Balmain Festival V03 Summer 2023, pushes the boundaries of ordinary trends by experimenting with new techniques and materials. Relaying the importance of climate change, the collection worked with partners to avoid their carbon footprint. Through sourcing teams, the brand foraged bark, branches, and twigs, without harvesting any living trees.

Klara Kristalova | ‘Flora and Fauna’ at Perrotin in New York – Flaunt Magazine

Artist Klara Kristalova’s new collection explores Nordic myths and childhood memories through ceramics. In a move to work with slower materials, Kristalova found her niche through ceramic work. Jumping from the two-dimensional art realm, Flora and Fauna brings drawings to life. Alluding to Nordic myths and childhood memories, the collection displays non-mortal creatures and nods to the natural world.

Genny Spring/Summer 2023 | Milan Fashion Week – Flaunt Magazine

Suits, long dresses, and matching sets graced the runway of Milan Fashion Week with subtle touches of the famous ’70s bell bottoms. Chromatic and glitter are brought to life through these feminine designs. The presence of old Hollywood shines through long silk dresses-very Marilyn Monroe.

Rolling Loud | With Kappa and Friends 2022 – Flaunt Magazine

Friends of KAPPA-the contemporary clothing brand-pulled up to Rolling Loud in New York City this past weekend. Established in 2015 as one of the largest Hip-Hop centered festivals, Rolling Loud continues to draw in people each year. Artists like Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, and Future headlined the festival.